ZTE Axon Pro Smartphone Review

ZTE Axon Pro Smartphone Review

This year there have been an explosion of activity around the world of carrier-free, unlocked smartphones in the United States. If you are trying to save a few dollars, you no longer need to settle for a sub-par hardware. Companies like Alcatel OneTouch, Acer, OnePlus, and others have unveiled smartphones that can go hand-on-hand with the best from the Samsung Company in terms of specs and performance, whereas costing dollars less than a well-equipped S5.

Basically, for the companies which are playing around this space, the competition is tougher.

Components and Functionality:

The ZTE Axon Pro is among the new devices on this list. Its components and functionality make it an awesome smartphone in today’s phablets, tablets, and smartphones market. ZTE Axon Pro features an all metal chassis a super-high-resolution display, the latest high-end Qualcomm processor, and as well a high-resolution camera. This phone also runs the latest Android version (Android 5.1.1 Lollipop), and works with both T-Mobile’s LTE and AT&T networks. It does not otherwise work with Sprint nor Verizon. This device can be acquired unlocked for $449, which is much lower than the high-end/flagship Samsung Galaxy Smartphones or iPhones. This price also includes a two year warranty problem that will cover accidental damage or any problem including broken screens or liquid damage.

Design and Display:

The ZTE Axon Pro is very attractive on paper, whereas its price is low enough to turn heads. Although, this phone lacks the je ne sais quoi that separate high-end smartphones from the runs. Unlike other smartphones that have been made of metal like the unibody metal phones from HTC and Apple, the ZTE Axon Pro has been obviously bolted together from detached pieces making it not to be sleek. Its 5.5-inch Quad HD Display is bright and sharp, although its automatic brightness adjustment can make it too dim for you to see well at particular times. Other awesome features include a front-casing speaker, a home key which will double as a notification LED, and as well a dedicated camera key.


The ZTE Axon Pro camera is 13 MP and has got a secondary sensor for blur effects after you have taken the image. This camera isn’t the most impressive, as it has drab colors and flat contrast in low light. The blur effects are also gimmicky here just like when HTC debuted them back in 2014 on One M8. This is the obvious pint where the ZTE Axon Pro lower cost hold it back. The phone can’t hold a candle to the cameras on the LG G4 nor Galaxy S6.

Performance and Stamina:

This is where the ZTE Axon Pro hold itself high. With its Snapdragon 810 processor and a 4GB RAM, you will be able to find the performance of this phone flawless. It won’t feel slaggy nor get bogged down. Its 3000mAh battery will last day through, while leaving room for spare charge. The fact that this battery is easily chargeable you are assured of consistency in terms of usage when it comes to this phone. It is able to charge from 0 to 50 percent within 30 minutes. The phone has 32GB of inbuilt storage but without a support for microSD cards.

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