Download Viber Messenger for ZTE

Download Viber Messenger for ZTE

Download Viber Messenger for ZTE Android smartphones, tablets, notebooks and laptops. Following the repercussions of the last week’s earthquake which shattered Nepal, BBC has established an account on Viber to document news, information and guidelines on how to stay safe as recovery by the country are underway.

Upon the occurrence of the disaster, the BBC World and BBC Nepal services have made an added anchorage to share information on air and online on how people can obtain help and updates on the relief operations being undertaken by the state.

The Viber account that has far been established in intended to assist these measures being taken as indicated but the BBC World Service mobile editor Trush Barot. The Viber messages will majorly deal or be concerned with safety tips and suggestions on how people may protect themselves against the repercussions and other risks.

Mr. Barot also indicated that the emphasis is to get as much vital information to the individuals in the areas affected as possible through any means available to us. This messages obtained from the Viber and other sources, that is, the other messaging means, shall be published in English and Nepal. The Viber account shall be run by the BBC Nepal service primarily.

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