ZTE Axon 7 is a Smartphone for the Future

ZTE Axon 7 is a Smartphone for the Future

Today we’re checking out the ZTE axon 7, so ZTE has provided a very nice and boxing experience with the Axon 7 and you not only receive the phone and a quick charge 3.0 charger, but also a set of earbuds, a micro USB to USB C adapter and a SIM door eject tool. It’s clear that ZTE has spent a lot of time designing the Axon 7 and it shows in terms of design with an aluminum full metal unibody available in either iron gold or quartz gray. It definitely has a premium feel and with curves in the metal, it has a great handling experience. ZTE also showed us just how strong the aluminum shell was and this phone seems nearly impossible to bend, which is always good to see from a flagship smartphone. It also has an F 1.8 20 megapixel Samsung ISO cell camera, with optical image stabilization, electronic image stabilization, and face detection autofocus.

The software experience seems very well-thought-out with a super auto mode that automatically uses features like HDR and offers easier methods of taking photos like voice recognition. And actually, you can just put your finger on the fingerprint reader and it will take a photo and the photos look really good. There’s also a recessed fingerprint reader below the camera, and that is actually recessed so that users know that it is the fingerprint reader and not the camera. So far, it seems very fast and accurate, but the real highlight of this phone is that it has two dedicated audio chipsets, the AKM 496 one and 4490. The forward provides the high fiber cording and playback, and the later is independent for further hi-fi audio enhancement.

Of course, there are dual stereo Dolby atmos front-facing speakers, and let me tell you they sound amazing, they’re, very loud without any distortion, and we would say that they’re probably the best on any smartphone. Currently, there’s also an 8-megapixel front facing camera between the speaker on the top left of the device. We also have the 5.5 inches 2 1/2 D glass and LED display which is a quad HD resolution and is quoted in Gorilla Glass 4. Under the hood, we have the beastly Snapdragon 820, with an Adreno 530 GPU. The US model will include 4 gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of storage, which is even expandable up to 128 gigabytes with the hybrid SIM tray setup. Since this phone will ship unlocked with dual nano SIM slots, it also has a 3250 milliamp-hour battery, and while it does not support wireless charging like devices like the Galaxy S7 because of its aluminium body, it does support quick charge 3.0, meaning that you can get 50 % charge in just a half hour.

On the software side of things, it’s running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. The Axon 7  comes with a 2-year limited warranty as well as Axon Passport offering unlimited warranty for repairs like display replacements for cracked screens for a deduction for two years. Keep in mind also that ZTE will pay for shipping to ZTE and return shipping if you do need to repair. Although this does seem very comparable to the Galaxy S7 and HTC 10, the price of the axon seven is much lower as a way to undercut the competition.

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