ZTE Axon M with Gorilla Glass 5

ZTE Axon M with Gorilla Glass 5

The ZTE Axon M is the latest phone. The new Axon M is the wildest of the curveballs in the nowadays constant mobile market. It is the smartphone with a second display that is folded out.

The Axon M is a handset that helps you to not miss a beat.  Whether it is entertainment or work you want to enjoy, it is the first modern smartphone out in the market that can show 2 apps simultaneously in the native full-screen mode.

If you are on a drive then leave the Google Maps running on one of the screens and let the passenger be the DJ. If you are busy with the Dungeons & Dragons, you can do a video chat with your friends on one screen and keep the tabs on your character in the Roll20 app on the other screen.

But the main point is that the novelty comes at a cost. A major weakness of the Axon M is its very high cost and its carrier is with AT&T in the US market. In comparison with the similar priced Samsung Galaxy S8 as well as Google Pixel 2, its camera and software are rough around its edges. With such low points, this smartphone is hard to recommend for its $725 price.

It is a niche device. This smartphone delivers something very special in a polished manner. Even when it is shut, it feels like high-end in the build quality. It is packed with the specs that help it in delivering a good Android experience.

On its front, that almost mirrors its back to the degree that it is error-prone. The ZTE puts a Gorilla Glass 5 cover over each 5.2-inch 1080p displays. The Gorilla glass rocks a subtle 2.5D effect that makes its soft curves like a stark contrast to the sharp metal edges that are wrapped around the smartphone.

Furthermore, you would find a great volume rocker on the left side of the phone. Next, there is a power button with a fingerprint sensor. ZTE’s foldable smartphone also has a Quick Launch button. There is an option to start the camera by pressing it two times. There is also a setting to select what a long press does. In the end, the bottom of the smartphone is where you would find 2 downward-firing speaker grilles. There is a USB-C charging port.

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